The Novohrad Trail

The “Educational tourist trail through the Novohrad-Nógrád Geopark” project is realised through tCross-border Co-operation program. It is realised by the Centrum pre rozvoj regiónov and its Hungarian cross-border partner, the 36 Jó Palóc Közhasznú Egyesület association.


Trail marking

The 24,5 kilometre long tourist trail is marked not only with trail markings, but also with information signs displaying information about the natural environment of this region, including its flora, wildlife or geologic information. There are 45 information signs places



Throughout the project realisation process we have preapred a detailed Visitor’s Guide in three languages for those who would like to visit the turist trail. You can view and also download the publication on this page. Visitor’s guide with a

Take a look at how the trail was built

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