The Novohrad Trail

The “Educational tourist trail through the Novohrad-Nógrád Geopark” project is realised through the MR – SR 2007-2013 HUSK 1101/1.3.1/0193 Cross-border Co-operation program. It is realised by the Centrum pre rozvoj regiónov and its Hungarian cross-border partner, the 36 Jó Palóc Közhasznú Egyesület association.

The project was realised between July 2013 and December 2014 with a total budget of 791 461 EUR.

The objective of the project is the creation of an educational tourist trail in the border region of Slovakia and Hungary, with a length of 24,5 kilometres. Through this, the project wants to also achieve the following goals:

  • to improve the tourism infrastructure of the region
  • improve the tourism information system
  • to strengthen the environmental awareness of the target groups
  • to improve the quality of life of the local inhabitants
  • to increase the traffic and competitiveness of the region

Apart from the obvious landscaping works needed to create the 24,5 kilometre long tourist trail, several other construction and other works have been realised in order to create the best possible experience for the visitors:

  • a lookout tower (with a ground plan of 7×7 m , 4 sightseeing levels, with a roof)
  • a wooden walking bridge
  • 45 information signs
  • 6 directional signs
  • 45 resting places
  • 45 bird feeders

The construction works are also accompanied by information activities promoting the new trail. This website, as well as several information signs and information brochures were also prepared in the frame of this project.